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How to Make a Robin Hood or Peter Pan Hat

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Finished Robin Hood Hat

Robin Hood Hat Pattern

These are instructions for making a costume Robin Hood or Peter Pan hat. The example hat is made using inexpensive green craft felt. You could upgrade the project by upgrading the materials, but one advantage of craft felt is you don't have to hem it, which makes the project easier.

Revised note on size: This hat was originally designed for an adult woman's costume, but it sits high on an adult's head in a 1940s style. If you want something that comes down to the ears on an adult or older child, you need to scale up. I'd recommend making a newspaper version first to test the size.

Things You'll Need Green Felt Scissors Needle Green Thread Large feather

Make a pattern following the dimensions in the picture. The left edge is 11 inches high. The bottom edge is 9 inches long. to find the third point, go over three inches, then up three inches.


Fold your felt, and put the 11 inch long edge of the pattern along the fold. Make sure there are two layers of felt under the whole pattern piece.


Cut out along the pattern.


Without unfolding the felt, sew together the two edges that are on the bottom in the pattern picture.


Fold over the brim from the top point to the place where the seam changes direction.


Cut two slits on one side of the brim to lace the feather through.


If you like you can tack down the brim on both sides to help the hat hold it's shape.

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