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How to Make Paper Jungle Vines
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Written by Erica Stanton   

Paper Jungle vine

Intro: Having a jungle themed party or event? If so, this is a great way to do high impact jungle party decorations for a reasonable price. Come to think of it, you don't need a party, this could work to add a little greenery to any space.


Things You'll Need Brown crepe paper streamers Green construction paper Scissors Stapler Staples Tape


Fold your green construction paper accordion style.


Draw a leaf shape on the top layer of the folded construction paper. For speed keep to simple football shaped leaves. If you have time, mix up the shapes to give the impression of different species of jungle vines. Once you get going, you may be able to skip this step and cut free hand.

3 Cut out the leaves

Use scissors to cut out the leaf shape, making multiple jungle vine leaves at once.

4 Fold the leaves

Fold the paper leaves along where the leaf spine would be.


Working a few feet at a time, crumple and twist your brown crepe paper a little to make it look more like a vine.

6 Staple the leaves on

Staple the paper leaves onto the crepe paper at a regular interval to form jungle vine decorations. You can use glue or tape, but staples are the fastest and most secure. The picture shows a strip of brown paper because there was no production budget for this article. Brown paper works fine, but crepe paper is recommended if you are decorating for a large party like a school dance.


Tape your paper jungle vines from wall to ceiling in an irregular pattern. You can hang them evenly, but an irregular pattern makes them look more natural.

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