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How to Make a Towel Origami Sailboat on Water

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Fold a Towel Origami Sailboat on Water

This is a simple 2D towel origami design for use in hotel or guest rooms. Entertain your guests with a little towel art.

<a href="https://sites.google.com/site/amypayroo/home/towel-origami">Towel Origami Picture Index</a>


Things You'll Need: 1 Bath towel, preferably blue. 1 washcloth in a contrasting color.



Lay out your bath towel where you plan to display the finished project. Pleat the towel into evenly spaced waves. Hide the bands at the end of the towel inside a pleat.


Take a square washcloth and fold it on the diagonal from the bottom left up to the upper right.


Fold up the bottom corner so the vertical edge is a little to the left of center. The vertical edge will form the mast of the towel sail boat.


Leaving the tip of the mast in the same place, reach under the mast and pull out the corner on the inside right. Fold it all back over the vertical mast so the point on the right returns to the same place, but this time it is on top instead of inside.


It should end up looking like this.


Tuck the bottom point inside or under to form the water line of the towel sailboat.


Place the boat on the bath towel pleated to look like waves and you're done. For an extra touch, make more than one sailboat.

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