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How to Make a Towel Origami Flower

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towel flower

Towel Origami Daisy

These instructions show you how to fold two towels into a daisy like flower. This particular towel origami flower design is one I developed from the pinwheel fold.  There is another style of towel flower that seems to be most popular in Egypt.  That design seems to require a towel that when folding in half forms a square. This one should work with towels of different dimensions.

Towel Origami Picture Index


Things You'll Need: Two towels

Towe Flower Step 1

1. Fold the long edges of the towel that will be the flower in to the center line. If there is a tag on the towel, make sure it's on the outside of this fold.

Towel Flower Step 2

2. Fold over the two ends of the folded towel an equal width to the fold in step 1. Then grab the corners and pull them out to the side. Once straightened out, the edges of the towel should line up.

Towel Flower Step 3

3. Pleat the two towel ends to the middle.

Towel Origami Flower

4. This photo explains what happened to the towel at the bottom in step three.

Towel Origami Flower

5. Hold a towel corner straight up, then fold it back to the outside to form a petal. Repeat four times on each of the four corners to form four petals.

Towel Flower Stem Step 1

Towel Origami Flower Stem Step 2

Conically roll a second towel from one corner starting at a long edge to form the daisy stem. Pinch the corner of the towel that's left out to form a leaf.

Towel Origami Flower

7. For extra impact try stacking two towel flowers on top of one another.

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