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How to Make a Towel Swan

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Towel Swan Directions

Towel origami swan

Intro:These are instructions for making a swan out of a towels like housekeeping does on cruises and in resort hotels. Going by clicks this seems to be the most popular towel animal. That's probably because it's nice and 3 dimensional, but fairly easy to do.

Towel Origami Picture Index

Things You'll Need: Bath towel, Hand towel


1. Lay the bath towel out on the bed.

2. Make two folds about from the middle of the long side to the middle of each short side. Doing this will save you some time in the rolling step.

3. Roll the left side along the fold. This roll should be bigger at the top than at the point. It helps to hold a finger at the point while rolling.

4. Roll the other side the same way until the two rolls meet in the middle.

Towel Swan Step 4

5. Fold back the pointy end.

Towel Swan Step 5

6. Fold the pointy end forward to form the head. You can call it finished at this point, but the neck tends to only want to stand up to duck height.

Towel Swan Base

7. To get the neck higher take a hand towel and roll it the long way.

8. Fold the rolled hand towel in half and put it on top of the body of the swan. This should make it possible to prop the neck up higher.

9. You can do some variations on this design. For example here the swan is wearing sun glasses, as requested by comments, and the wings are spread out.

Towel Swan Sunglasses

10. If you want to get fancy roll another swan by repeating steps 1-4. Put the second swan on top of the first swan backwards and upside down. This time the pointy end is the swan's tail, not the swan's head.

Towel Swan

11. Tuck the loose ends under the body to plump it up.

Towel Peacock

12. For a big impact turn your swan into a peacock by creating a huge tail. This generally takes multiple towels to build up. You can make a less impressive version with a single bath towel folded like a paper fan.

13. Put two towel swans nose to nose and their necks form a heart.

Honeymoon Swans

14. If you're making towel swans for a honeymoon or anniversary couple, a facial tissue can be used as a bridal veil.

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