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How to Work Beaded Cubic RAW

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Written by Jennie Hennesay   


Cubic Right Angle Weave forms a four sided rope which can be manipulated into many various forms. I'd seen patterns for picture frames, necklaces etc. made with this stitch, but they were all single needle construction and I would get lost trying to follow the instructions. I discovered that working double needle RAW made the process much easier for me. This stitch can be used in many applications.  Fromed into a circle as shown and embelished it would make a beautiful Christmas tree or package decoration. The pendant in the picture is made with Czech seed beads.  Try it with delicas or other cylinder beads for a different look.



Thread a needle on each end of a length of thread you're comfortable working with.

Pick up 4 beads and slide them to the center of your thread. Cross threads in the last bead picked up.  Pull slack out of thread. Pull work taut after each addition of beads.


On the left (red) thread pick up 3 beads. Pass right (black) thread through the last bead picked up.



Pass right thread (black) through the next bead in the initial circle. Pick up 2 beads on the left        (red) thread and pass right thread through the last bead added.

Repeat one time.



Pass right thread through the last bead in the original circle and up through the first bead added in  the second row. Pick up one bead on the left thread and cross threads in it.



Pull everything up tight and you will have a cube that looks like this on all 4 sides.



Pass your threads around the 4 beads on top as shown in diagram to stabilize your piece.


To make a rope of cubic right angle weave, repeat steps 2 through 6. Be sure to include step 6 after each round to insure a firm cubic shape.


When learning a new stitch it helps to work with larger beads.

Using cylinder shaped beads like delicas makes a firmer rope.


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debraparks said:

I too had tried this stitch in the past with one needle and failed miserably. Using your tutorial and method, though, I get it! Just completed several rows of the stitch and I'm hooked. Thank you for making this clear.
October 19, 2012
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