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How to Clean Up a Cooking Oil Spill

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Written by pondripples   

If you have table salt, it's not that difficult to clean up even a large cooking oil spill.

Things you'll need:


1. Pour salt over the cooking oil. If it's a large spill it's a good idea to start pouring a dam around the outside edge to contain it. Plain table salt is ideal. You are going to need lots of salt, but salt is cheap, so don't scrimp on it. In my experience you need approximately a cup of salt for ever gallon of oil.

2. Keep pouring salt as long as the oil keeps soaking into it.
The salt will soak up most of the oil and clump into a manageable slush. Keep pouring until you don't see any more liquid oil.

3. Sweep up the cooking oil soaked salt with a broom.

4. Sweep it into the dustpan and toss it into a lined trash can.

5. Mop the area with soapy water and rinse to clean up any remaining cooking oil residue.


If the cooking oil was hot, wait before you touch it. It's not worth getting burnt over. If anyone did get burnt, take care of them first by running cold water over the burnt area. Don't use ice, and get them medical attention if it is serious.

If this is a hot oil spill and it starts a fire, do not under any circumstances try to put it out with water, this will cause a giant fire ball. Use baking soda or a fire extinguisher.

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