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How to Develop Smart Shopper Habits

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There are all kinds of shoppers: bargain hunters, flea market shoppers, estate sale experts, impulse buyer, coupon clipper -  but what kind of habits can you develop to simply become a ‘smart shopper’.  Here are some:


Step 1: Give yourself enough time to shop.  Don't leave your shopping to the last minute. On any given shopping excursion, plan how long you will be out shopping.  Set aside one, two or three hours to accomplish what you are trying to buy.  But if you don't find it during that shopping excursion, leave it for another day, rather than buying something over your budget that you may be disappointed in having bought later.


Step 2: Create a list of the people you are shopping for before you head out the door.  As you complete shopping for each person, cross their name off the list.  


Step 3:  Create a list of what you are shopping for when you go out.  Whether you are grocery shopping or shopping for a birthday or anniversary present have a list of what you are looking to purchase.  As you complete the list, cross of the items on the list. How many times do you buy something that wasn’t on your list….impulse buying can get you into trouble and cause you to go ‘over your budget’.


Step 4: Set aside a budget for every item on your list you are looking to buy.  If you are holiday shopping, have a budget for every person and a separate idea of what you will spend on each specific item on your list. 


Step 5: Write down where you intend to go to do your shopping and which place you will go to first, then next.


Step 6: Check the store ads before going to the store.  Write down the price of the items you are going to buy, especially if they are on sale to make sure they are priced correctly at the store.


Step 7: When you go to the mall do not park in the nearest spot.  Do a little exercise, while walking to the mall; do something good for your heart, while you are trying to be careful with your wallet. This is also so that it is not easy to keep returning to the car, to put away the packages.  When you’re shopping is completed either successfully or not, when you go back to the car it is time to leave.


Step 8: When shopping for large items, do them first; once they are accomplished, then set out to tackle the smaller items.  That is when you need to follow Step 6, listed above.


Step 9: Don’t cave into impulse buying.  Your list is your guide and will determine how successful you are.  If you find a better item than the one on your list and purchase it, is isn’t as an additional item, it will be instead of the one you were going to buy.


Step 10: Reward yourself with an ice cream or cappuccino, after all of your shopping is done. 

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