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How to Treat Cuts
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Written by Don Di Tomasso   

It is very easy to have medical accidents at home. Typically, there are sharp objects all around a home. Kitchen utensils, tools in a garage, toys with sharp edges, sharp corners on furniture to name some. Caution is required at all times. Failure to pay attention can result in mild to significant injury.

The first step for imjuries caused by a sharp object, tool, utensil, or surface immediately apply pressure to stop bleeding (for 15 minutes per Healthwise For Life, Department of Veteran Affairs, 2007, p.49). Use a towel or cloth and apply pressure to the wound (mothernature.com). Rest and elevate the wound if an extremity is involved (emedicinehealth.com).

The next step is to wash your injury using soap and water (this reduces possibility of an infection, emedicinehealth.com). Use cool water not hot water because hot water can dilate the blood vessels resulting in more blood loss (stjohn.org).

Finally, apply antibiotic ointment and cover the wound with sterile gauze or adhesive bandage (protects wound from infection and loss of fluids, emedicinehealth.com).


--If cut is deep and/or blood loss significant and continuous, call for emergency response
--Apply a tourniquet to an extremity if direct pressure does not result in control of blood loss


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