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How To Tame African-American Hair

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Written by jblovly   

In this article, I will explain how to make African-American hair managable for easy styling and combing.

1. Wash hair with a deep conditioner only. Shampoos strip natural hair of its oils. Any conditioner of your choice is fine.

2. While washing hair with the conditioner, gently de-tangle the hair with fingers from root to tip. This makes it easier to comb when in the combing phase

3. After washing hair, while hair is still wet, use a protein based product to strengthen it. I recommended Palmers Coconut Milk. Leave in the product.

4. Since protein makes hair coarse because it is a strengthening product, you will need to follow up on an oil based moisturizer of your choice while hair is still damp. I recommend Lusters Pink Oil Moisturizer. Leave in product.

5. Now that you have water (from washing), protein, and oil in your hair, it is now time to de-tangle. Use a wide-toothed comb and comb hair in small sections from tip to root until tangle free.

6. Lastly, you can either blow dry on cool while combing hair out from root to tip until dry, or you can continue de-tangling from tip to root until hair is semi-dry and let air dry.

7. When completed, you should have very soft manageable textured hair.

TIP: If using a blow dryer, do not use it on a high setting for it can cause heat damage to your natural hair.

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