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How to Benefit from Lamb’s Ears

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Written by Isaac&Carmen Gutierrez   

lambs ear This week I was working on my friends Garden notice that she has plants that look similar like Sage or Greek Oregano. I was curious about the plant that she had in her front yard. Beside the plant it has a plant marker that it showed “Lamb’s Ears”. I went home and research about Lamb’s Ears and curious it has another name General Woundwort or Chinese artichoke.

The Anglo-Saxon used Lamb’s Ears widely in the creations of charms for amulets during the mid ages. These amulets were believed to ward off evil, and spirits, as well as the ill humors believed to bring disease and strife to the human body. China, calls it Chinese artichoke is used primarily for pickling.

Its tuber is a part of Osechi cooked for celebrating Japanese New Year. Dyed red by leaves of red shiso after pickled, it is called Chorogi. They are from the same species. What caught my attention was the name General Woundwort and Woolly woundwort.

Lamb’s Ears, it were to have additional medicinal effects when the fresh juice of the leaves seeps into the wound from the bandage, it would make for a doubly useful first aid herb. Well before there were band-aids people use to use plants for their band-aids.  They would have in their possession a few Lamb's Ears which they would use to wrap around the bleeding cut and also protect against an infection.

Well here is the funny part about this plant as we read about history that toilets were outside. They were outhouse. So imagine no electricity dark outside, toilet is outside and no tissue paper. Hey no problem we the have a garden of Lamb’s Ears! Lamb's Ear is also considered as a "Moonlight plant" in that when the moon beams come down the grey/white foliage of the plant reflects the light and if you have to go outside the path would often be lined with Lamb's Ear plants.

Now that you finish doing your duties, right outside the door the toilet tissue was growing in the moonlight.  Fair enough they had their first toilet tissue and it was actually a plant and beside it was biodegradable. The best part of the plant it has benefits for Hemorrhoids so double duty when used!

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
I never thought about this before. Thanks
May 02, 2011
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jswana said:

I love artichokes and love the medicinal benefits you described!
May 11, 2011
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thebeaddoodler said:

Great article. I have several herbalist friends in a different part of the country that wouldn't be without their lambs ears. Unfortunately it doesn't grow here unless "babied" and I don't baby plants. The toilet paper part stunned me. I hadn't heard that aspect of it.
May 11, 2011
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