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How To Create An Invisible Part

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For many women, getting a weave or extensions is a form of protection for the hair. While weave and extensions protect the hair, it also gives versatility to many different styles and colors. You can always change up your look with a weave. A new trend that is forming with extensions and weave is the invisible part. The invisible part allows your entire head to be covered in tracks, while still having a part somewhere on your head. Some may also recognize this method as a full weave. If you want instructions on how to do an invisible part, follow the directions below.

1. Choose where you want your part to be. It can be in the middle or to the left or right side. When you have found the place where you want your part, part the hair in a straight or curvey line (it all depends on what direction you want your part to be)

2. Use a mold to smooth down all of your hair like a quick weave. Make sure that it is going in one direction. If you wish, you may also choose to cornrow your hair to add in the tracks, but this will take longer.

3. Add in your tracks with glue starting from the back of your head. Keep adding more tracks until you reach the top of the part. Do not cover your part with tracs for up to 1/2 inch.

4. Cut your tracks into small 1/2 or smaller pieces.

5. Start from the front of your hair and lay the tracks going downwards. Make sure to place each one on top of each other. Also make sure to glue the tracks as close to the part as possible. Your hair will grow out over the weeks and as the hair grows out, so will your invisible part.

6. Repeat this method on the other side until you have a full invisible part weave.

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