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How to Make Homemade Fly Traps

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Written by Thomas Conroy   

Introduction: Very few things in life are more annoying than the presence of a large fly population in your home, but by knowing how to make homemade fly traps a homeowner can rid themselves of the problem quickly and economically. While commercially purchased fly traps work to varying degrees they can be costly when viewed over a period of time and do not always do the job they are designed to do adequately.

Homemade fly traps on the other hand tend to be extremely inexpensive and if utilized in the proper manner can really make a difference in the number of flies that are seen around the house.

Step 1: One of the best ways to make homemade fly traps requires little more than a cardboard milk container, an empty toilet paper roll, some glue and something sweet like honey to use as a bait.

Carefully unfold the top of a cardboard milk container and glue an empty toilet paper roll to the bottom of the container. When the glue has completely dried, take a spoon of honey an spread it onto the toilet paper roll. The basic idea of this homemade fly trap is that flies will be attracted to the honey, get stuck in the treat and will not be able to escape and die. This is a great homemade fly trap because it works like a charm, costs pennies to make and can be discarded when it has performed it's purpose.

Step 2: Another great idea to make homemade fly traps involves the use of an empty plastic soda bottle, a drinking straw and an empty paper towel roll. First, cut a depression into the empty paper towel roll that is the width of the soda bottle - this will serve as a holder to prevent the bottle from rolling when it is placed on it's side.

The next step to make this homemade fly trap is to take the drinking straw and dip it into a jar of jelly and then insert the straw into the empty plastic soda bottle. Flies crawl in but they can't get out! This homemade fly trap is wonderful and can be used indoors or outside on a porch or at a camping area.

Step 3: When you make homemade fly traps it is important to make certain they are properly placed to achieve maximum results. In most instances, the best locations for homemade fly traps are near entrance doors to a home and in areas where food is prepared such as a kitchen where flies regularly congregate.

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