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How to Get Rid Of Cat Dander in The Home

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Written by Thomas Conroy   

Introduction: Cat dander in the home can become a major issue for those who experience allergies, and can cause everything from respiratory issues to hives and edema if it gets out of control. Cat dander should not be confused with dandruff, cat dander is dry skin from a cat that becomes airborne and is microscopically small and cannot be seem with the naked eye.

Male cats tend to produce more dander than females, and neutered cats produce less dander than those who remain in a natural state. The best way to remove can dander in the home is through prevention, common sense practices, and understanding that just because you cannot see it does not mean that it is not present.

Step 1: Cat owners that desire to reduce or eliminate cat dander face a formidable task, as every cat produces their fair share of dander. This can be reduced significantly by restricting the movements of your cat in the home, by designating only certain rooms that a cat can occupy. Keep cats off furniture and away from curtains and drapes when possible, as these are prime locations for dander to collect.

Portable air purifiers are an excellent way to remove cat dander from the household air, and should definitely be used when a home's resident has sensitivity to cat dander. Likewise, air conditioning and heating unit filters should be cleaned or changed frequently, and a home's duct work should be professionally cleaned annually. When doing regular housecleaning, furniture, curtains and baseboards should be vacuumed thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of dander.

Step 2: The basic care that you give to your cat plays a large role in dander elimination, and due diligence can make a positive change in a home's air quality. When grooming a cat, an individual that is sensitive to dander should wear a dust mask to prevent inhalation. Upon completion of grooming, clothes worn should be changed and at a minimum hands, arms and face should be washed.

Grooming should be performed in one designated room in the home to prevent dander from spreading, and if the weather is permitting it should be done outside. There are also a number of commercially sold products on the market that can be sprayed onto a cat occasionally to reduce dander that work quite well and are recommended by Veterinarians.

Step 3: Simply put, by affecting how you cat lives you can impact how much of it's dander you have to deal with daily. Prevention and constant awareness in addressing the issue can making breathing better for everyone concerned

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