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How to Get Rid of Nicotine Stains on Your Fingers

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Written by Thomas Conroy   

Introduction: Nicotine from tobacco tends to stain everything that it comes in contact with to a dull and unattractive brown-yellow color that is usually hard to remove. On hands, especially on fingers, nicotine accumulates the fastest and can make a person with normally good hygiene look as though they are unkempt.

In most cases, a smoker that simply washes their hands frequently with soap and water will prevent nicotine stains from becoming an issue, but there are occasionally circumstances where facilities are unavailable. Dependent upon the severity of the nicotine stains, there are quite a few home remedies to remove them quickly and restore skin to it's natural coloring without spending hours scrubbing.

Step 1: As any smoker is well aware of, nicotine stains on fingers can be nearly impossible to remove with mere soap and water once they have started to develop. A simple way to remove the nicotine stains is to begin by using a pumice stone rubbed across the skin lightly for about 30 seconds.

This will start to remove the heaviest nicotine build-up and save a fair amount of time scrubbing. If this takes most of the nicotine from fingers, it then becomes a simple matter of washing hands repeatedly until the final traces are lifted. If not, try soaking the affected fingers in a solution of lemon juice and warm water for ten minutes, repeating the step as often as is necessary until the fingers are sufficiently cleansed.

Step 2: Another excellent home remedy to remove tobacco stains from fingers is to make a paste using and aspirin and a few drops of water. Coat the stained fingers with the paste and leave it set for about 15 minutes and wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 3: Heavy nicotine stains require a bit more drastic measure to remove them. Heavy nicotine stains require a more harsh cleaning agent in order to return skin to it's normal coloring. In these cases, a few spoons of chlorine bleach in a bowl of water works best.

While it is not the most pleasant way to remove nicotine stains, it is certainly one of the more effective. Simply soak the fingers for 15 minutes, wash the hands with soap and repeat. It is very important not to make the bleach mixture too strong or to soak for too long - either action can result in a chemical burn, so use good judgment.

When the hands are clean it is imperative to run warm water over them for a few minutes to ensure all traces of the bleach are removed. Follow this action with hand cream or moisturizer to mask any remaining bleach smell, and the nicotine stains are gone for good.

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