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Written by Barry Spates   

How to reduce your back pain over the pass few years I notice that I would wake up every morning with back pain, so I began looking for the problem I check the foods i was eating because I felt I was over eating, I check my soft drink in take daily, because I know soda can cause back pain when you drink three or four 16 oz a day,  I checked my furniture just to be sure if was not to soft or to hard because this too can cause back pain, I still coud not fine the problem.

Then it hit me I notice when I was at work I did not have the back pain I felt great after a good night sleep no pain this went on for four days, then I return home and I set down on our bed in the bedroom, to do some work on my computer after about 15 Min's I got up to get some supper and the back pain was the a gain I came to the conclusion that my problem was our mattress it's a firm mattress, but that was not my on discovery, I love to drink red punch so I pour a nice glass of red punch and fix  my supper and return to my bed after supper I be gain working on my computer I work for about two hours before I got up a gain this time the pain was even stronger,  I still was not sure what was causing the the back pain.

I realize my back pain was cause by the firm mattress and all those soft drinks, so I took action change my mattress and my eating habit I notice as the weight came off the pain stop it will a maze you how back pain just 5 pounds can cause, one thing I really notice is this when I loss my stomic the pain let go figure I don't if this is your problem but making these changes sure worked for me I hope something here works for you have a good nights rest,




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meemee67 said:

thank you-great tips and well written-i sit most of the day and my lower back suffers at times-
October 04, 2013
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