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How to Reduce and Hide Human Odor When Hunting

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Written by Bert Holopaw   

Human odor saves many deer every year. Sure the guys on TV and in magazines are right when they say "Never sit in a stand when the wind is wrong," but that only works if you haveĀ multiple stands to go to and you are on prime property that is big enough to conceal your movements and hold stands for each wind direction. Most of us have no choice in the mater, we have to sit in the fewĀ stands we have or not hunt at all. This makes reducing and hiding scent even more important.

1)Ā Wash your bodyĀ with unscented soap and shampoo. During the hunting season it is a good idea to skip the scented soap all together. Use unscented anti-perspirant and deodorant. Cover your body with baby powder.

2) Wash all hunting cloths, including socks and underware, with a scent free detergent. Choose a detergent that blocks UV light. Hang the cloths on a line outside. Never dry hunting cloths in the family clothes dryer, soap and fabric softener residue will contaminate the cloths. Store the clothes in a clean plastic bag.

3) Wash rubber hunting boots with clean water prior to the season. Completely dry the inside after each use.

4) Avoid eating spicy foods, garlic and onion for a couple days prior to the hunt. These odors from these food can last for days. Limit the amount of adult beverages consumed the night before.

5)Ā Clean your body the morning of a hunt with a wet washcloth, or shower if possible. Brush your teeth before each trip to the woods, even for afternoon hunts. Do not smoke after cleaning your skin and brushing your teeth. Smokers do not realize how bad they smell. Deer may not know what cigarette smoke is, but they do know it is a foreign smell.

7) Put on your hunting cloths and rubber boots at your hunting area. Do not drive to the hunting area in the clothes you will wear on stand. This keeps truck odors at the truck.

8) Cover yourself with a scent reducing spray from the tip of the head to the toes, even over the rubber boots. Carry the spray to the stand and re-apply the spray every hour.

9) Cut a young brach from a tree in the hunting area, if legal. Choose a tree that puts off a lot of odor, like pine tree. Rub the branch over the hunting clothes, pay special attention to the arm pits and between the legs. Bring the branch to the tree stand.

10) Step in any manure found along the way to the tree stand. Avoid brushing against any vegetation while walking to the stand.

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