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How to Get the Most out of Your old Clothes

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Many of us underestimate our old clothes. They become faded, torn and shrunk. Otherwise, we go through body changes which compel us to say goodbye to some of our best dresses, shirts and jeans. But this does not mean that we should plan of leaving them in the garbage can. The truth is that we can still make them usable. Just follow the steps given here to know how you can do it.

Step 1: You might have clothes from great brand names. If their condition is normal you can sell them at Ebay for some quick cash. Many people actually do it. So there is nothing to be ashamed about it. In average, it is possible to get $7 to $20 from their auctions.

Step 2: Donate them to Salvation Army or any other charity based organization of your choice for getting more in tax return.

Step 3: Make wipes out of totally faded and torn clothes. Use your scissors to cut them in kitchen towel shapes. Make them available for cleaning your living room’s center table or decoration pieces. Apparently, t-shirts are best for such work.

Step 4: Save your most faded clothes’ buttons, beads, nets, bows and so forth to use in your craft projects.

Step 5: If the fabric of your cloth is fine keep it to make things for your daughter’s doll house. It can be used to make Barbie’s dress, pillows, bed sheet and many other accessories.

Step 6: Last, the clothes that no more fits you can be turned into other different clothes. For instance, you can make a skirt out of a nice long dress. In the same way, a pair of pants can be changed into a pair of shorts.


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jswana said:

Recycling at its best. I do all the time. Thanks for sharing. 5*
April 03, 2011
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carmen357 said:

great tips thanks for sharing!
April 18, 2011
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