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How to Make Easter Bonnet for Dog
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Written by Susan Golis   

HAPPY EASTER! postcard

zazzle.comMake an Easter bonnet for your dog so they can participate in all of the spring activities.  The dog hat will be well received at your family get together, and at the annual Easter parade, everyone who views your dog will smile because your dog will look adorable and you will take pride in making the precious doggy bonnet. An Easter bonnet for your dog is easy and is a fun craft for you and your children.

Step 1

Measure the top of your dogs head.  This measurement will help you to determine what size bonnet is needed.  Size matters because your dog needs to be comfortable.

Step 2

Determine if you dog is the type that will wear an Easter bonnet.  This is important because some dogs detest costumes, especially hats, and will do their best to get it off their head and then pull it to pieces.

Step 3

Gather you materials by shopping at the dollar store, flea market, antique shop or garage sales.  Look for toddler to children’s size straw hats; also look at hobby stores for decorative hats for Easter or spring.  Purchase silk or fabric flowers, pastel grosgrain ribbon, pearls, plastic eggs, ducks, chickens, and bunnies.  Look for small decorative items that could be glued to the Easter bonnet.

Step 4

Decide on your color scheme for the Easter bonnet.  Yellow, pink and purple or yellow pink green are two color schemes that I like to work with when making an Easter bonnet for my dog.  There are many pastel color schemes so choose three colors that will compliment the style and the color of your hat.

Step 5

Choose the accessories that work with your color scheme.  You may want to attach a grosgrain pink and white ribbon to the brim of the hat and then use your glue gun to attach a pink Gerber daisy off to the side, with a decorative purple or green plastic egg a small Happy Easter sign or whatever decoration that you have that works with your color flow of your dog bonnet.

Step 6

Lay out the products on the hat before you glue them onto the hat.  Check the weight to make sure that it is not too heavy.  You will want your dog to be comfortable while wearing the Easter bonnet.

Step 7

Heat up the glue gun and then attach your Easter decorations to the bonnet.  Allow the decoration to dry.

Step 8

Allow your dog to wear the bonnet for short periods of time.  Supervise all activity when dog is wearing the bonnet.  Do this to allow the dog to get accustomed to the Easter bonnet.


Many cities host Easter parades; several permit well-behaved dogs to participate.

If you do register your dog for a spring event; fashion show or parade make sure your dog is current with their shots and is well behaved.  Dogs in a public arena must get along with other attendees and with people.

Easter Bonnets are recommended for well behaved dogs that do not mind playing dress-up.


Do not force your dog to dress up in a costume.  If they are opposed to the wearing hats then tie an Easter pattern bandana around their neck.


Image:  Cute Easter Postcard by zazzle.com


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