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How to Make and Save Money with Scrap Lumber

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Written by Buck Weber   

Many people treat scrap lumber as a nuisance that needs to be disposed of. The good thing about that is if you know where to find it and what to do with it scrap lumber can become a handy, and free, way for you to both make and save money.


Warehouses and factories are a great source for free lumber as well as wood pallets and shipping crates that you can take apart reuse for various projects. Seek out a manager or supervisor and ask what you can have. Many times you can find lumber stacked or bundled at the curb. The free section on Craigslist for your area is another good source. Many times a business will place an ad to come get their pallets or shipping crates for free. 

Save Money

You can save money by using your free scrap lumber instead of buying new and, if you are halfway handy with basic tools, you can build things instead of buying them. Some salvaged lumber projects could include building a gate, bookshelves, flowerboxes, a doghouse, tables, trellises, garden benches, workbenches, fences, and really most anything you can think of.

Make Money

Almost all of the things that you could save money building for yourself could also be made to sell. You could build a small inventory of flowerboxes of various sizes and advertise them for sale on Craigslist. Bookshelves are always in demand, as are doghouses and workbenches. Your only investment will be your time and some screws and nails. You might also want to stain or paint your pieces but make sure you check the free section of Craigslist for those first before you go out to buy any.

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