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How to Feng Shui your car
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Written by michelle falco   

Believe it or not how you keep your vehicle says a lot about you. As some of you know, fen Sui means balance and harmony the rule of positive energy. many use it for the home but you can and should also use it for your car as well, especially for those of you who spend a great deal of time in it.


Step 1.

Keep your car clean. A dirty car would reject positive flow. Not only should you keep the exterior clean but the inside as well. Rid the unnecessary objects such as garbage empty coffee jugs, water bottles and rid the car of clutter, do this and you will be able to drive better as well as breathe better.


Step 2.

Be sure to keep your car equip with what is needed such as flash lights, tire gage, cable jumpers, a spare tire. Also when taking long trips stock up on healthy snacks like granola or trail mix, a big fresh bottle of water or canteen is practical as well. well. Wet cloths and tissues can also come in handy. You can use mini garbage bags as well. Remember piled up garbage represents clutter and cluttered cars leave a cluttered mind.


Step 3.

Your windshield should always be clean for it represents clarity this is what is used to see out of. If it is not clear, how can you see clear? A dirty windshield can effect your driving. Any cracks should be replaced and fixed asap.


Step 4.

Tires. Your tires should never have any nails or crews stuck in them if you have any, replace the tire asap, this is dangerous. Also, because of incrementing weather, your car should have the best weather proof , ask around, there are many like fire stone, BF Goodrich, and a few more.


Step 5.

Remember to get the oil check every 3 ,ooo miles this can save your car for many years.


Step 6.

Make sure your antifreeze is NOT mixed with water or it will freeze.


Step 7.

Get your car inspected.


Step 8.

Make sure seatbelts are in tact, if not get new ones or get them fixed asap. Seat belts save lives, that is a FACT.


Step 9.

Keep maps in the glove compartment as well as registration AAA card for road side assistance and the insurance on you at all times.

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