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How to Plan a Budget Road Trip

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Road trips can be very fun. It can give you a chance to see sights, and do things that you would not usually see. Planning can be the key to a great road trip, especially when you are on a budget. These tips may help you plan a budget road trip.

Begin by making sure your maintenance is up to date on your car. If your car is not maintained you could have problems on the road that will cost you even more money. Your vehicle will also use more gas if not properly maintained.

Plan your route before you leave. When you are planning the route, consider rest areas, gas stations, and activities.You want to think about what you would like to do, and research prices before making your plans final.

Pack a cooler before you leave. Pack drinks and snacks so you can avoid purchasing expensive foods. If you run out of items on the trip you should stop by a grocery store instead of restaurants or convinience stores, which will be more expensive. 

Find camping grounds along your route, purchase a tent and a few camping supplies. You can camp for only a few dollars a night. Camping is the least expensive accommodations available, other than sleeping in your car.

Use modern technology to find the least expensive gas prices. I have an option on my phone that will let me find gas stations according to prices, and I do not pay any extra for it. You can also use reward programs. I save .10 a gallon by choosing one grocery store. Both of these methods will help you save money on gas.

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carmen357 said:

I have been doing 3000 miles road trips since I was a child and it is always smart to plan ahead! My father carried extra battery, engine belts and a bunch of tools. You never know what can happen in a road trip!
February 26, 2011
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