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How to Report Paypal Phishing Emails

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Phishing has became a very big concern with emails. I receive numerous emails from people pretending to be Paypal every week. These emails can get people to provide all of there personal information to someone that will use it in a wrong way and they need to be stopped. Reporting these emails to Paypal could possibly help prevent other people from getting there information stolen. This is steps that you can take to report phishing emails to Paypal, and do your small part to help:

Begin by reading your email. If there is links that ask for any information, you should report the email to Paypal. Paypal does not ask for personal information through emails.

Forward the email directly to Paypals phishing email address. The email address that handles the phishing issues is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Watch your email account. Paypal will send you an email stating whether the email that you received is in fact a phishing email. If it is, they will take the appropriate steps to shut down the people sending the emails.

Send every email that you feel is suspicious to the address given in step two. Taking this small step can help in the fight to stop these people from stealing personal information.

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donata said:

For everyone who uses paypal...this is a must read! Useful and informative content. I had to contact paypal once for this same reason and they were able to trace it. They took care of it and told me to notify them immediately should this ever happen again. Thanks for posting for all to read. 5*****
February 24, 2011
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