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How to Make a Movie Gift Basket on a Budget

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Movie gift basket can be a great gift for almost everyone. You can put a variety of items in the basket, and decorate how you like. These baskets can be expensive if you do not find ways to cut costs.

You will first need a container to act as the basket. You can use a basket from a discount store, or yard sale. Another option is a popcorn container. You can go to your local movie theater, and ask for one. If you are purchasing popcorn for yourself, they may give you one for free. If you would like something different, shop yard sales. Find a large bowel that would be cute with popcorn in it. You can paint the “Popcorn” on the bowel.

Set a theme for your basket. It can be; comedies, horror, love stories, etc. The theme should fit the person you will be giving the basket to. If you are looking to save money, I would suggest purchasing classic movies within your genre choice. The older movies can be very inexpensive. If you want newer movies, look on auction sites. You can find great newer movies for a fraction of the price you would pay in stores.

Search your local ads for sales on snacks you want to put into your basket. There are so many items to choose from. If you know the person real well, you probably know what to put into the basket. If you do not know the person well, put a variety of things. A cute addition is a small soda, or mini candies.

If you are including gift cards in the basket, use dollar movie or discount movie gift cards. You do not want to put a small amount onto a card, and they go to the movies having to pay out of there pocket. Another option is preloaded credit cards. They can use these at any location of there choice, even to rent movies. Be sure to include the amount on the card.

After you have purchased your items, place them neatly into your basket or bucket. Use cardboard to make the items sit higher. Use a piece of fabric to cover the cardboard. Tape can be used to keep all of the items in place. Just use a small amount on the back of the items. Wrap the basket with cellophane and a big ribbon.

A movie gift basket can be very reasonably priced. You may have to shop around for items, but you can save money. I have noticed basket for up to $100 online. These baskets can easily be made at home for under $40. Be creative with your basket, I am sure they will love it.

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