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How To Heal A Damaged Scalp

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Many people endure scalp damage one way or another. Sometimes it can come from putting chemicals into your hair, scratching your hair too much, or an accident. This doesn't have to be the end of the world, you can heal your damaged scalp in a matter of a few days.

1. If your scalp is damaged due to chemical burns from a relaxer, try using Vaseline every day on the area. The Vaseline will help to heal the scalp in a matter of time. Do not let your hair stylist fool you into thinking that you need to go to them to repair your scalp because it can easily be done at home. For future reference, always make sure to use Vaseline on your scalp as a base for your relaxer.

2. If your scalp is damaged due to excessive scratching, you may have a problem. Try not to scratch your hair so often, this leads to a dry and scabby scalp, your scalp may even bleed. Stop scratching or go seek professional help if you believe that it is a true problem. To heal it, use Vaseline or sulfur 8 on it every night.

3. For dandruff on a damaged scalp, try using a dandruff shampoo as well as a dandruff grease to keep the dandruff at bay.

4. If you have burned your scalp from using hot tools like a flat iron, then you need to keep it moisturized with Vaseline everyday. If the burn seems severe like a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burn, please visit your local doctor for more information on helping to heal your scalp.

4. For other scalp damage such as ringworm, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or folliculitis, you need to visit your doctor to get medicated. Regular ointments found in the store will not help these problems go away on your damaged scalp.

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