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How To Get Rid of Bleach Smell

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Bleach is a great cleaning product that removes all germs and bacteria that can get you sick. The downfall to bleach is that it leaves a very strong, harsh odor. It can make you cough and cause your eyes to sting if the bleach odor is present. With a few steps, you can remove and diminish bleach smell.

1. After you clean a surface or item with bleach, you will want to dillute the smell with water. Repeatedately rinse off the item or surface with water. The more rinsing, the more that the bleach odor goes away.

2. You can use a detergent after cleaning with bleach. Detergent will help cover and lessen the bleach smell. It will also help further to clean.

3. Vinegar is another natural way you can get rid of the odor of bleach. Just wipe a small amount of vinegar over the area and the bleach smell should virtually disappear. The only problem that some find with this method is that it then leaves an odor of vinegar.

4. Open all windows if the bleach smell is filling up a room or your entire home. This will help to air out the odor. Keep the windows open for about an hour or longer if needed. To speed up the process, you may also turn on some fans.

5. Wipe pinesol over the area where you used bleach. This will cover the smell and give off a lemon scent.

6. Using natural lemon will weaken the bleach and get rid of the smell.

7. If the bleach odor on your item or surface is mild, then you may not need to follow any of the above steps. The smell should disappear within 3 days because the bleach will lose its consistency over time.

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