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How to Make Sequin Christmas Ornaments

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Written by Priscilla Benfield   

Crafts are a hobby that can occupy your time and provide you with stress relief. On a cold winter weekend, doing a craft hobby can occupy several hours and the finished product can be used as a gift for the Christmas holiday.

Making sequin Christmas ornaments is a tradition that I learned from my late grandmother. You can make it simple or very detailed depending on what your vision for the ornament is. It is a project that you can do for an hour or two while you watch television and pick it up and complete it another night.

Here is how you get started creating your own sequin Christmas ornaments. Have fun with it, like any art form there is no right or wrong to it. Let your creativity flow and you may be surprised at the beauty that you can create!

What you will need:

Straight pins   both flat head pins and also pins with pearls on the ends

Craft glue       Elmer's glue can do if that is all you have

Sequins          You can purchase sequins at crafts stores or in the craft aisle of your local Walmart. They come in bags of

multi-colored or you can get individual colors like only silver. They also come in different sizes.

Pony beads     Beads also come in multi-color variety packs and in various sizes. Bear in mind that the beads will be

"threaded" onto the straight pin and if the hole is too large it will slip off.

Ribbon or trim  This will be used as a "hanger" for the ornament

Styrofoam balls  These are also available in various sizes.

To get started, use a large cookie sheet to spread your sequins on. An empty egg carton works great to separate your beads, sequins, pins and any other accessories that you will be using.

First take your ribbon or trim and measure around the ball, leaving about 2 inches extra to make a loop for hanging.

Use a paper plate to spread some glue on. You will dip the end of the pins into the glue before you stick it into the ball.

Next stick a flat head pin into the end of the ribbon, dip it in the glue and then stick it into the ball. Repeat with the other end of the ribbon.

Make a loop for hanging and attach two pins close together to hold the loop in place. (remember to use glue)

Now you can begin designing and creating your Christmas ornament. If you have chosen to only use one color sequin all over the ball, separate the color you will be using. Thread the flat head pin through the sequin and dip in the glue and then stick into the ball.

You can alternate by threading the pin with a bead first then a sequin before gluing it into the ball.

Decide on a pattern and attach the sequins close together and at times overlapping so that the Styrofoam does not show through.

Once you get the hang of it you can get creative by threading longer pearl ended pins with multiple beads and sequins for a more dramatic looking ornament.

Continue until the entire ball is covered. Allow to dry several hours and you have just made your first Christmas ornament. Once you see how easy and fun it can be to create something so unique and beautiful you will be hooked. These make really nice Christmas presents.

Variations are to stick to a specific color or use crystal beads in complimenting colors to the color sequins that you use.

Styrofoam balls are available in many different sizes and you do not need to stay with only round balls. Try doing a bell-shaped ornament. Any shape or size Styrofoam can be turned into a unique Christmas ornament. Allow your creative side to flow and have fun with it! You will look forward to doing this every year as your new holiday craft tradition.

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