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How to make your own body shimmer lotion!
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Written by Natalie Mullins   

Shimmer body lotion is one of the easiest and nicest ways to add some flair and glow to your body. It is great for nights out on the town. It is typically worn on your arms, chest or legs. It can liven up just about anyone's appearance and really make you look good! The kinds of lotions can be found in just about any kind of cosmetic retail store, but did you know you could make your own? It can be just as effective as well as less expensive. Keep reading to get some directions on how to make your own simmer body lotion.

In order to make your own shimmer body lotion, you are going to need to have a couple of things. You are going to need some shimmer powder eye shadow, light weight body lotion, body glitter, a bowl to mix everything and a mixing stick.

In order to start making your own shimmer body lotion, you are going to have shake the bottle of lotion to make sure that it is completely mixed well with it's ingredients.

In the mixing bowl, take the lotion and place the desired amount of lotion in it. Place the shimmer eye shadow that is hopefully a complementary look to yourself and accents your skin tone. It would be best to use silver or pink colors for cool skin tones or gold for warm skin tones.

Take the eyeshadow and sprinkle enough for your taste into the lotion. Make sure to mix this well and if you need to add more that is fine. Just make sure that you do not overdue the eyeshadow because it can really make the lotion look bad when applied to the skin.

If you want to use glitter to make the shimmer body lotion that is fine. You can use just about any kind of color of glitter, but sliver or gold are typically the best. You can use the shimmer lotion to hide any imperfections on your skin which is great and you can also use small amounts of the lotion to hide any skin flaws.

You make a large batch all at once or just enough for one evening. Either way you go just make sure to store the lotion in a clean bottle, at room temperature. Homemade shimmer lotion can be great for fun gifts to friends or for just about any occasion you may have.

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