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How to Keep From Oversleeping in the Morning

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sleeping alarm Intro: Oversleeping can make you miss appointments, be late for work and get your day off to a hectic start. Here are some tips to help you keep from oversleeping.

Step 1: Go to bed at a reasonable hour. It’s easier to get up in the morning when you have gotten an adequate amount of sleep.

Step 2: Get the right alarm clock for you. There are a lot of different alarm clocks to choose from. You can wake up to everything from music and beeping noises to cows mooing and birds chirping.

Step 3: Find the right location to place your alarm. Put the alarm in a far enough away location so you have to get out of bed to reach it, but close enough that you can hear it loud and clear. Make sure that you have a clear path to the alarm, it’s easy to trip over objects in the dark.

Step 4: Have an alarm clock battery backup. If you have an electric alarm clock it will not work when the electricity goes off, unless you have one with a battery backup.

Step 5: Ask for help. Have another family member or roommate wake you up. If you live alone ask someone to give you a wake up call in the morning to make sure you are up.

Step 6: Don’t hit the snooze button. When you hit the snooze button, it’s easy to fall back to sleep and risk not hearing the alarm or just ignoring it until you oversleep.

Warnings: Oversleeping can have you running behind in your schedule all day.

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carmen357 said:

I never Use the snooze button! Great article!
December 09, 2010
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paul said:

Thanks for the great tips. Sometimes I have trouble getting up on time!
June 17, 2011
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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Some very good tips.
June 19, 2011
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