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How to make a zombie bride costume?

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Written by Tammy Frost   

Making a zombie bride costume is easy and fun. Learn how to make a zombie bride costume for Halloween by following this "how to make a zombie bride costume" article. Making a zombie bride costume will take some imagination, time and effort. For little to no cost, your zombie bride costume can be made at home.

Step 1. Think of what a zombie bride should look like. If you saw a zombie bride, would it be scary, ugly and dirty? Probably all three. You are now going to write a list of things you will need to make a zombie bride costume for Halloween. You will need a wedding dress with a veil. The wedding veil is optional. You will need Halloween make up or make-up from home to make the zombie bride face ugly and scary.

Step 2. Go to the thrift store and purchase an old wedding dress. You may need to find a look alike and change the dress to look like a wedding dress. It doesn't matter if this dress is ugly, dirty and ripped up. The uglier the zombie bride wedding dress, the better the costume will be.

Step 3. Buy some Halloween makeup at the local Wal-mart or local costume store. You will need some fake blood and black lipstick. Buying white face paint is optional to help make the zombie bride look pale. Also fake grown out eyelashes will help make the zombie bride look more scarier and uglier.

Step 4. Rip the dress and wrinkle it up to make it look old and dingy. Zombie bride costumes should look used and old. You should try to make it look like the zombie bride just found it's way out of a graveyard on a dark Halloween night.

Tips: You can roll the old wedding dress in mud or ashes to enhance the dingy dirty look of the dress. Use your imagination and have fun. Making a zombie bride costume should be fun and creative. If the zombie wedding dress is too long for the child or person wearing it, cut it to make it shorter and hang the peices of cloth on the dress using safety pins.


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December 14, 2010
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