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How to Eat Squirrels, Tarantulas, Scorpions, and Insects

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Written by Poetryman69   

Intro:  There are two situations under which human beings will eat almost anything.  One is desperation.  The other is tradition.

Step 1:  Few of us, however desperate we are and no matter what our traditions are will put anything that still seems alive and wriggling or anything that seems excessively runny, mushy, or some what vile tasting into our mouths.  So avoid improper consistency when eating mystery meat.

Step 2: Many if not most human beings will eat something hot, crunchy and highly seasoned.  This is the secret to most mystery meats.  Season the the hell out it.  Cook it to within an inch of its existence and whatever it is will be rendered vaguely edible.

Step 3:  One of the reasons why many folks consider eating an elephant or a whale as disgusting is, there is way too much meat there.  No matter how many folks we have helping us eat this thing or what kind of seasoning we use, or even how it is prepared, surely this ton of meat will be a feast for maggots before we are done eating it.

So the lesson is if the meat is not small and bite sized, cut it up until it is.

As a general rule, almost any mystery meat is some what palatable if you fry it with peppery, spiced oils.   With enough hot sauce you never know what it was you were eating anyway.

Step 4:  If all else fails, smother the mystery meat in a thick batter and fry it at a high temperature in hot oil.  With enough fried batter that mystery meet will, thankfully,  remain a mystery.

There is no minimum daily requirement for sugar


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carmen357 said:

Hahahhahaha I will stick with hamburgers!
November 17, 2010
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poetryman69 said:

yeah, burgers are better I think. Yak burgers. Alligator burgers. Bison burgers
November 21, 2010
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