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How to Improve Basketball Skills Quick

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Intro: Growing up, if you were like me, you loved to find new ways to improve basketball skills. Sometimes you don't know how to though. Here is my outline to make sure that you keep improving. Follow this and you will get better.

Step 1: To improve basketball skills, you have to be in shape. Not run 10 miles. Basketball is all about sprints. Perform something like liners or any other sprint drill to get yourself in shape for the game.

Step 2: Defense is the most important think in basketball. Practice going the whole length of the court doing D slides. Get low and keep your head up.

Step 3: Shooting is the hardest thing to improve basketball skills. Here is a exercise to help your shooting drastically. Pick 10 spots on the court and shoot 30 shots from each spot every day. You can also do other shooting drills to improve your form.

Step 4: Next is dribbling. Search the net and get every dribbling drill you can find for yourself. Perform at least 3 a day and exchange drills every practice to keep your progress to improve basketball skills.

Step 5: There are many other things to practice but you will need a partner. Get a partner and practice things such as passing, defense, rebounding, and any other thing you can possibly think of that could improve basketball skills.

Tips: Pratice can actually make perfect.

Don't hold back your progress by lack of effort.

Warnings: Don't overwork yourself.

If you are exhausted, take a break.

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Carl Benjamin said:

Carl Benjamin
Shooting under pressure with a partner on defense can really help.
November 14, 2010
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