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How to Use Christmas Movie Trivia Questions with Answers

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Christmas Movie Trivia Trivia Questions and Answers for Your Holiday Parties Each of us have a favorite Christmas movie we always look forward to watching during the holidays. This article is a list of trivia questions that will test your knowledge of past Christmas movies. No need to fret. The answers to the questions are listed at the end of the article. Please feel free to use these Christmas trivia questions for your holiday parties and at trivia nights.


1. In the movie Christmas Vacation, what is the first name of Clark's son?

2. In the movie It's a Wonderful Life, what was the first names of George's friends, the cab driver and police man?

3. How played the little girl in the movie Miracle on 34Th Street?

4. In the same movie, who was the actress that played the little girls mother?

5. Christmas with the Kranks had Tim Allen and Jamie Curtis going where for the holidays?

6. What type of tree did Lucy send Charlie Brown after in the movie A Charlie Brown Christmas?

7. In the movie Snoopy's Christmas, who does Snoopy fight while flying his doghouse into battle?

8. What was the name of the company that Bob Cratchet worked for in Dicken's A Christmas Carol?

9. What is the first name of Bob Cratchet's oldest daughter?

10. Who wrote the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

11. In the movie White Christmas, who was the lead male that played the partner of Bing Crosby?

12. In the same movie, what State was the inn located in?

13. In the same movie, what was the name of the duals big Broadway Hit that made it big as a musical?

14. The movie Joyeux Noel has a true account of two sides laying down their arms in battle for the night. What were the names of the three countries?

15. In the film The Santa Clause, who does Tim Allen accidentally kill?

16. Who played the guardian angel in the 1947 movie The Bishop's Wife?

17. In the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, what Irving Berlin song was first heard to inspire another movie years later?

18. Who was the child star in Home Alone?

19. The lead actor in the movie Scrooged was?

20. In the movie Christmas Vacation, why did Eddie stop eating Squirrel?


1. Rusty

2. Burt & Ernie

3. Natalie Wood

4. Maureen O'Hara

5. vacation

6. aluminum

7. Red Baron

8. Scrooge & Marley

9. Martha

10. Dr. Seuss

11. Danny Kaye

12. Vermont

13. "Playing Around"

14. German, French, Scottish

15. Kris Kringle

16. Cary Grant

17. White Christmas

18. Macaulay Culkin

19. Bill Murray

20. They were high in cholesterol

Enjoy the holidays as you remember these great holiday classics.

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