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How to work Diagonal Peyote

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Written by Jennie Hennesay   

Diagonal peyote is an interesting, versatile stitch. It can be worked into a necklace with a V in the center from which to hang a pendant as in the picture of the “Pink Lady” necklace, or can be formed into a cupped Russian Leaf as in picture of the “Russian Leaf “ earrings.

The necklace in the picture is worked with Czech seed beads and embellished at regular intervals with size 8 seed beads. The earrings are worked with size 11 delicas. The only embellishment is a different color accent bead at the outer turns.


Things you'll need:

Beading thread of your choice

Beading needle

Beads of your choice

To make the earrings, cut a piece of beading thread about 4 feet long.

Put a stop (not shown in the illustration) bead at the center of the thread. Pick up one accent bead (A), seven main color beads (MC), one A, and one MC.  Slide to the center of the thread.  Pass up through the fourth bead from the needle.

Peyote three up with MC and exit the first A.





Peyote three down with MC.

Pick up one A and one MC. Peyote up through the last bead you added in the previous row.Peyote up two with MC and exit the MC you added in the previous row.

Pick up one MC, one A, one MC and pass down through the first MC.  Manipulate the beads so they form an inverted triangle as shown.

Peyote down  two MC

Pick up one A and one MC. Peyote up through the last bead added in the previous row.Peyote up two MC exiting the MC at the beginning of the row.

Repeat step 6 through 9 twice.  You will have 4 accent beads on the top row and 5 on bottom. The thread will be exiting the first MC bead in the previous row. Do not tie of or trim tail yet.

Turn the work over, remove the stop bead and repeat steps 3 though 10 on the other side.   Do not tie off or trim thread yet. Your Russian leaf will look like this.

With your working thread, pick up four MC, an earwire and three MC.  Pass through the first MC as shown forming a loop.

Thread another needle onto the working thread on the other side of the leaf and pass it around the loop in the other direction, then pass each thread into the leaf.  Tie off and weave in tails.

To make a necklace, cut off a piece of beading thread twice the length you're comfortable with. Work steps 1 through nine, then continue repeating steps 3 through 9 until each side is half the length you want your necklace, adding thread as needed.  Add the clasp of your choice.


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Well done tutorial. Thank you!
October 19, 2012
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