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How to use champagne to care for your skin!

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Written by Natalie Mullins   

Champagne can have many uses than just drinking! It can be one of the best detoxifying toners in the world! It can be good for skin since it detoxifies your skin and it also fights off free radicals. Some people think that using champagne for your skin is a bad thing, but truth be told, it contains less alcohol than the toners you can find your nearest convenience store. When using the champagne as toner, the bubbles (carbon dioxide) will help to constrict the pores, which helps to make the skin more firmer and provide a glow that radiant beyond your dream! This kind of treatment is great for people who have oily skin as well as people who normal skin. If you are someone who suffers from dry skin, it would be best to skip this kind of treatment!


First, since the champagne is going to be used as toner, make sure to start off with a clean face. Starting with a clean face is very important since, you need your skin to be ready for the toner, which is what the champagne is used for.


Next, open the bottle of champagne and pour it into some kind of small container. The amount should be less than an actual sip of champagne. Take a cotton ball and soak it with the champagne and squeeze out any excess liquid on the cotton ball.

Take the cotton ball and wipe it all over your face, making sure to get inch of your face. The champagne should have a light and cool touch to your face. This process is going to be the one detoxifying the skin and when you actually look at the cotton ball, you will be surprised at the oil and dirt that was picked up. You should be able to feel bubble from the carbonation on your skin during this process.


All there left to do, is simply add your everyday, usual skin moisturizer and your done. Champagne has been used for many years to help detoxify peoples skin on daily basis. You do not have to run out and purchase the most expensive bottle, a small, cheap simple, brand will do. Do not over do this process as it can end up drying out your face. Just use this process a couple of times of week to get the best looking firmer, more radiantly glowing skin in the world!

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