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How to prepare yourself for marriage!

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Written by Natalie Mullins   

Preparing for marriage means sitting down and discussing some of the most important topics. The topics need to be the ones that most couples list as having the most trouble with during their first couple of years of marriage. Discussing them before hand is one of the most important things that a couple can do for themselves. It will help you understand many things about each other and what you are going to expect while married. Getting ready for a marriage before it happens is one of the best ways to help create a marriage that will last a longtime, maybe even a lifetime.

One of the first things that you should talk about is where you plan to make your home. Talk about where you would like to live, how you would like to live and how you expect to live your lives together. You will need to include things in the conversation such as, chores, leisure time, where and how you would like to vacation, health concerns and any other topics for the future.

Discuss your finances and how you expect them to be handled before getting married. You will need to include things in the discussion such as, both your salaries, investments, budgets and who is going to handle the bills. You should also take the time to discuss any charities and anything else that may be important to you.

Take the time to discuss and understand your partnerā€™s feelings about work, long work ours, bringing your work home, any retirement plans and goals, how you would handle a job transfer and your current level of happiness with both your current jobs. Thinking through some of these things before getting married can really shed some light on them and help the issues become a reality and figure out how to work through them.

For most couple, sex is a hard and intimate subject matter. The depth of this subject is going to be based on the couples level of intimacy. Sex and intimacy is something that should be discussed and agreed upon before the start of any marriage.

Whether to have children or not is a huge discussion that every couple needs to have. You will need to discuss having them or not having them, along with other things like staying at home with them until they reach school age. You should also discuss things like your extended family and where and when you will spend time with them, especially during the holidays.

Take the time to determine the levels of interacting with each others friends. Agree to a certain amount of time and invitations extended to them as a couple. If one of you happens to be more social than the other, make sure to discuss when and when not to invite your friends or include them in something your doing.

Religion has a huge impact on marriage, especially if you happen to have different faiths. You will need to discuss how your children will be raised and what religion you want to have them involved with. Talking this out before marriage is a great way to get to know your future spouse as well as save yourself an argument.

Taking the time to discuss things before marriage can be one of the biggest helpers in the world! It will help you to understand each other more and it will definately help stop an arguement from happening in the future. If you want to have the best marriage and make it last forever, take the time to prepare for the marriage before it ever takes place.

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