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How to make simple fall wedding decorations!

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Written by Natalie Mullins   

The fall season can really bring an abundance of material to use for decorating a wedding ceremony or reception. The decorations that one can use, are literally right outside your door! The fall season is full of beautiful colors that one can use for a wedding such as, golds, reds, plums, oranges, and even browns. If you don’t want to use those colors, you can use the ordinary whites and greens, as they look just as great too. Here you are going to get a couple of ideas as well as learn how to make some of the most beautiful fall wedding decorations.

Making a beautiful centerpiece is very easy this time of year. You can simply walk out your door and gather a couple things right off the ground! If you want to make a very simple but elegant centerpiece, try gathering some leaves, crystal clear bowls, tea lights and some water. The bowls can be a shallow dish or a deeper one. All you do, is fill the bowls with the water, spread the leaves around the inside of the bowl and then place the tea light candles inside. You can purchase candles in many shapes, even leaves for this time of season. When it comes time for the reception or wedding ceremony, simply light the candles and watch the room become very elegant with a soft glow of light.

Fall is the time for pumpkins! Pumpkins can be used for wedding decorations in many different ways. You can simply take the pumpkins, build them into a decorative pyramid or just place them around the room for decoration. If you want to go the extra mile, try hollowing a pumpkin to make a vase for holding flowers. In order to get the perfect look, you may have to experiment with different sizes of pumpkins. In the end though, it will be well worth it. Just slip some beautiful flowers in fall colors down into the hollowed out pumpkins and your done!

Another thing that is used quite often in fall decorations is corn. You can take a piece of corn and green apples to make a beautiful fall wedding centerpiece. Try adding in a couple of different flowers in a fall color and arrange the items together to make a beautiful fall centerpiece.

Gourds are perfect for decorating in just about any kind way way for the fall season. White gourds are perfect for a wedding and they can be made into just about anything you may want. They can be made into a vase, candle or simply left alone. Gourds are something that come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and even textures. It may in your best interest to work with someone who grows gourds so they can help you choose the right one. They may even grow ones specifically for you if they have enough time.

Cinnamon is a great scent for the fall season! You can make many different decorations using a cinnamon stick for the reception such as, a place card holder. All you will have to do is, take a cinnamon stick and wedge the place card holder onto it and thats it! The cinnamon stick will also help the reception smell amazing for the entire night!

Finding fall wedding decorations is as simple as walking out your front door. Take your time and make these decorations for a perfect fall themed wedding. Remember to start early if you want to use the gourds so you have enough time to find the exact ones you want. Fall is full of so many different amazingly, beautiful colors to use for a wedding. You are sure to have one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies or receptions ever done when using some of the ideas listed here!

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