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How to Throw a Knee Strike
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The kicks in martial arts and kickboxing are also very popular. The knee strike is done and practiced once you are more familiar with the basic kicks and punches. A knee strike is a strike with the knee, either with the kneecap or the surrounding area. The knee strike sometimes is disallowed practice in many combat sports, especially to the head of a downed opponent.


Things You'll Need: Gloves Shin guards Punching bag 1

Stand in your fighting stance, either with your left or right foot forward, and the distance between the two feet should not be too much as not to lose balance. But for this type of kick you can also perform it by a normal standing position with your feet at hips lenght apart.


This type of kick is best done in a short range so that you are very close to your opponent, your best places to attack are the ribs and the solar plexus.


At this point grab your opponent with both hands at their shoulders or the back of his neck if you are in a standing position, and bring him or her down towards you and then strke with the kick.


The important thing is to pull and kick at the same time to give more effect to it.

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