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How to Field-Strip an AK-47 Assault Rifle
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Written by Michael Samson   


AK-47 stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, the 47 stands for model of 1947. This popular assault rifle was developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov around the 1940's. The AK-47 is gas operated and fires 7.62x39mm size cartridges. Originally, true AK-47's are to be fully automatic, but it is illegal in the U.S. despite the U.S. constitution and only class III dealers are allowed to possess them. There are over 300 different variants of the popular AK-47, which you can find in semi-automatic and fully-automatic. The AK-47 can be modified in many ways, you can purchase a black plastic stock to have that tactical, SWAT team look to it, or choose from a different variety of wooden stocks. If you neglect your AK-47 it can malfunction and show wear and tear throughout the years, fortunately, it is easy to field strip for cleaning & maintenance, with no need for special tools or advance knowledge of the overall mechanisms of the rifle. Even though there are hundreds of different types, all of the variants are typically built the same. This article will demonstrate how to Field-Strip an AK-47 Assault Rifle...


Make Sure it is Unloaded!


Turn the safety lever in off position by pushing it downward.

Eject the magazine by pressing forward on the latch located in between the trigger and magazine.

Pull the bolt handle action and slide it back, visually inspect the chamber thoroughly to make sure it is unloaded.

Once you are sure that the chamber is empty, let go of the bolt carrier and squeeze the trigger to release the hammer.



Remove the Cleaning Rod


Next, remove the cleaning rod which is located right under the tip of the barrel.

Just pull it down a little and then slide it all the way out in the direction of where the barrel is pointed.



Remove the Receiver Cover


Now, it is time to remove the receiver cover. The receiver cover is located in the rear, on top of the trigger and stock.

Press down on the recoil mechanism's guide rod lug that looks like a little button with your right thumb.

Then grip back end of the receiver cover and pull it up towards you and take receiver cover off with your left hand.



Remove the Recoil Spring


Next you need to take off the recoil spring.

Push the mechanism's guide rod inward until the heel rises through the receiver slot.

From the back of the guide rod, lift and pull the recoil spring rearward to remove.



Remove the Bolt Carrier Assembly


Remove the bolt carrier assembly by gripping the top of the bolt carrier and sliding it to the rear while pulling it upwards.

It will slide out of the notches just above the rifle grip.


Remove the Bolt out of the Carrier


Now remove the bolt out of the carrier.

Turn the carrier upside down and grip the bolt and slide it towards the rear, rotate it back out until it clears the receiver slot.

Then pull it out of the carrier.



Remove the Gas Tube


In this step, you will be removing the ak-47's gas tube.

The gas tube lever is located on the right side in between the rear sight and front sight.

Twist the little lever up in a clockwise direction, now the gas tube should be able to be freed. You can use pliers for stubborn gas tube levers.

Lift it up and pull it out.

Now the AK-47 Assault Rifle is ready for maintenance and cleaning.



To put it back together, just reverse the steps.

To make sure you properly reassembled the AK-47, do a dry fire test to see if it is functioning normally.

To do this, assuming the rifle is unloaded because you just finish reassembling it, pull the slide back as if you were cycling a live round, and pull the trigger.

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