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How to Make Your Pitbull Muscular
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Written by Michael Samson   

Healthy Dog's Have Healthy Owner's...

It doesn't take a lot for you to make your pitbull muscular. Having a defined muscle structure on your pitbull not only displays the dog's beauty and physical capabilities, but it reveals the responsibility the owner takes to maintain their pitbull's over all health. To make your pitbull muscular, is to make him strong of course, so the owner should also be physically fit enough to remain control over the strong, energetic pitbull. Obedience training should be heavily applied daily as part of caring for a well balanced pitbull. Prior to taking these steps, a responsible dog owner of any breed should research the appropriate nutritional guidelines on what types of dog food your particular breed needs to live a healthy life. Pitbull's are allergic to many ingredients in the majority of cheap and expensive feed out on the market. My pitbull breaks out in hives if I feed him dog food that contains corn byproduct. Every dog is different, so make sure you do your homework and pay close attention to how your dog reacts to certain foods and supplement. This is the way I got my pitbull to it's optimum physical physique. I'm sure it will work for you also.


Step 1.

First thing to keep in mind is to start at the right time. Giving puppies supplements and treadmill runs could likely injure your young pup. It is also inadvisable to apply a tedious exercise program to a dog under a year, So be patient. After about a year would be a great time to extensively train and make your pitbull muscular. Remember females don't get as thick as males so don't have high expectations with female pitbull's. They still do get quite defined but not as massive as males.


Step 2.

To make your pitbull muscular, you should purchase quality dog feed at your local market or pet store.I feed my pit "Nutro" adult dog food lamb and rice formula, with no corn or wheat byproduct. Good dog food promotes a healthy coat and good eating habits. Because many pitbull's are genetically prone to hip and joint problems such as hip dysplasia, pitbull's need to eat right with proper exercise to avoid injury. One supplement called, "K-9 Show Stopper" helped my pitbull get thicker especially around the hip area. My pit was lacking the extra meat around the but and hips so I went out to seek advice and I was told about this supplement by a putbull breeder. So I tried it, and after about a month I began to notice a big difference in the width of my pitbull especially around the hips. This supplement not only helps a skinny pit gain mass, but it also promotes a nice, show room coat, and helps build stronger joints, from what the label on the product says.

All dogs are different. I read some reviews about owner's purchasing this product and it didn't do too much. On the other hand there are plenty reviews by owner's claiming it works in their testimonials and pit bull forums. For my pit, the product lived up to its claims, and is worth the $17 I pay every month. If you do decide to add supplement's to your pitbull's feed, monitor the effects and results to help decide if spending a little extra money is worth it. Make sure your dog eats at least 3 meals a day, but like I said, do your homework on the amount of food intake your dog needs for its breed, age, and weight.


Step 3.

Make sure to provide the appropriate amounts of exercise your pitbull needs. Activities such as playing fetch or hiking help build your pitbull's muscles and defined muscular structure along with higher prey drive and quick reflexes. Riding a bike up hill or just riding steady with your pitbull is a great routine to help make your pitbull muscular. Treadmills are a good idea if you live in apartments or too busy to walk your dog, but be advised there are certain steps to take when training your dog to walk or run on a treadmill. They have to gradually learn to adapt to the exercise slowly to avoid injury and strain on the dog. Running and walking at least 45 minutes a day is good for you and your dog. It helps reduces stress and heart disease for us owner's and helps fight high blood pressure.

I really encourage obedience training because a strong, fit dog, needs to be obedient to make going out in public and day to day handling a breeze. Pitbull's have a bad rap. It is fueled by bad pitbull owners and the media. You don't need weights or heavy chain link collars to add muscles. It only strains the dogs neck muscles and if applied at young pup age, it could possibly hold back the dogs natural growth expectancy and potential. All I did to get my pit big is good food, a little supplement and daily walking, running and bike rides. In closure, please be a responsible pitbull owner, do your homework on what it takes to raise a well balanced dog, and try to erase the negative image placed on pitbulls and other powerful breeds by being a loving leader to your dog.

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Susan Golis said:

Susan Golis
I guess I got lucky because I did not supplement my dogs diet
with K-9 Show Stopper, I did feed him Averderm dog food
with avocado oil. A breeder friend of mine recommended the food because
my dogs allergies. My dog had trauma when he was 8 weeks old that
caused him to have difficulties walking, I worked with him every
and built up his muscle mass and his strength. Now my husband
has too walk him because my dog is so strong.
December 08, 2012
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