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How to Manage Money In and Out

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Written by Ricardo Teves   

Be sure to transfer money from your
savings account to your checking
account before using your debit card. If your
accounts are linked, your bank may charge a fee to
make this transfer for you when your checking balance
is too low to cover the debit charges.

Keep your money in the bank, not in
your pocket. It’s too easy to spend
impulsively when you have easy access to cash.
Stay away from check-cashing stores.
Their fees take a bite out of your budget.

Take advantage of the magic of
compounding. Money saved in an
interest-bearing account will grow more quickly
because you earn interest on both the principal and
the previously earned interest. The more frequently
the compounding is performed, the more money
you’ll end up with. Over time the difference can be
significant, so don’t hide your cash under your mattress
or in the cookie jar.

Keep close tabs on the whereabouts
of your ATM card and report a lost or
stolen card to your bank immediately. If you report
the card missing before it’s used without your permission,
you’ll be protected against unauthorized

Before setting up a bank account in
your college town, find out if there’s
an on campus credit union. You may get better
deals on interest rates and loans, pay lower fees,
and earn higher interest on deposits.

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