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How to Save Money on Clothes and Shopping

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Written by Ricardo Teves   

Sort your clothes before washing.
Separate dark, white, and light colored
clothing into separate loads to prevent ruining
clothes when colors bleed from one fabric onto
another. This is especially true when you are washing
new, dark clothes. New clothes will surely bleed
during the first wash.

If the color from one piece of clothing
bleeds onto another, use color
remover sheets (available at your grocery or discount
store in the detergent section) to remove the
extra color. Do it as soon as possible for best results.

Don’t leave your laundry unattended
in the laundry room. You may find
yourself having to fork out some hard-earned cash
to replenish your wardrobe. Dorms are notorious
for disappearing clothing left unattended in the
washers or dryers.

When planning your school
wardrobe, buy items that coordinate
and mix and match so that one item (blouse,
sweater, or jacket, for instance) can be used with
several different outfits. It will make your wardrobe
appear larger and you won’t get as bored with your
clothes and feel the need to buy more.

Plan your wardrobe. Don’t buy
clothes on impulse. Ask yourself: Do I
need this? Do I really want it? Will I still want it
tomorrow or next week or next month? Can I live
without it? If not, can I buy it later (maybe for less)?
Will it be on sale soon, or could I buy it somewhere
else for less?

Does it go with other clothes I already
own so I can make more outfits by mixing and
matching? Does it fit my lifestyle? If you answer
these questions before you plunk down the cash,
you won’t have clothes hanging in your closet that
you never wear or that you paid so much for that
you feel you have to save for special occasions.

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