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How to Save Money on Food Meals Traveling

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Written by Ricardo Teves   

Don’t pay for two meals and eat only
one. That’s what you’re doing when
you buy a meal plan for a set number of meals and
you eat out instead of eating all the meals you
already paid for.
Before using a coupon on a name
brand item, do the math to see if
generic brand item you usually buy is still cheaper.
If so, the coupon actually costs you money.
When grocery shopping, remember
that convenience comes at a cost.
Laborsaving products, like shredded cheese, peeled
carrots, and precut lettuce or salads cost more. Do
the work yourself and save money.

Avoid buying foods that aren’t in season
in your part of the country. Fresh
strawberries in Minnesota in January are going to cost
more than you should spend. Buy fruit and vegetables
when they’re in season and you’ll save money.
Brand-name foods are not necessarily
any better than generic brands. In
fact, brand-name companies often manufacture
the generic brand foods that are sold under a store
name or other off-brand-name. These items are
cheaper because they don’t come with the huge
advertising costs that brand-name companies incur
to sell their products.
Having a mini-fridge and a
microwave in your dorm room can
save you money that you might otherwise spend on
take-out or fast-food. If you don’t feel like hiking over
to the cafeteria but you need sustenance, it’s nice to
be able to throw something together, like boxed macaroni
and cheese, soup, boxed mashed potatoes,
nachos and cheese, cereal, and so on.

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