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How to Save Money in College
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Written by Ricardo Teves   

Consider renters insurance, which
will protect your belongings if they’re
stolen or damaged by fire. For some students, this
coverage may not make sense, but if you have a lot of
money tied up in computers, other electronics, jewelry,
or an expensive wardrobe, it’s worth paying for.

Before signing an apartment lease,
read all the fine print. Long, boring
documents often contain surprises that can cost
you a lot of money, and this is especially true of
housing leases. 

When looking for housing, find out if
your school has any campus-owned
apartments. They have advantages over privately
owned apartments because they’re usually safer,
cleaner, and kept in better repair. A big plus is that
the lease for a campus-owned apartment terminates
at the end of the semester. Privately owned apartment
leases are usually for a full year, which means
you have to find someone to sublet the apartment
when you leave for the summer, or pay the rent
yourself even though you’re not living there.

Many students believe it’s cheaper to
live off campus, but studies don’t
always bear this out. Students tend to underestimate
the costs associated with living in an off-campus
apartment, which include rent, electricity,
water, heat, phone, cable TV, and trash removal. If
you’re thinking of moving off campus to save
money, get all the facts to make sure it will really be
cheaper than living on campus.

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