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How a Boy Can Dress Like the 1980's

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Written by Beth Weston   


Intro: 1980's fashion varied greatly from the beginning of the decade til the end. Many people dressed like their favorite band members - Culture Club, Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Madonna and more. Fashion for the boys varied as well. If you want to know how a boy can dress like he's from the 80's, well read on!

Step 1: The hair! Hair was important for boys just like it was for girls in the 80's. In the early 80's bands like Journey popularized longer hair for guys. This look was shaggy and hung in the eyes. Later in the 80's when glam rock and heavy metal became popular, bands like Metallica and Poison perfected the long haired look. This look eventually became known as "heshers" or heavey metal kids. Jocks wore their hair either in mullets (YES! Can you believe it?) and a short spiked hair-do. Then, there were the guys that liked bands like Orchestral Maneurves in the Dark or Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the look was generally a short hair cut with long bangs swept over to the side and constantly flung back.

Step 2: Jeans baby! Jeans were a staple for guys in the 80's. 501 button flies ruled the fashion scene. Generally they would pair their 501's with a jean jacket. Acid wash, ripped knees and tie dye were also in fashion.

Step 3: The roll. Whether on a shirt sleeve or pant leg, guys rolled them in a certain way. First you hold out the (for example) pant leg at the hem. Fold it over once to the right. Then, roll it up in very precise rolls (nothing sloppy here) like two times. It created a peg leg effect. But, it was a great way to show off a set of nice arm muscles when done to a shirt and all the girls noticed!

Step 4: The pants. Yes, pants from the 80's are getting their own category other than jeans because they were so different. Guys wore parachute pants, dress pants and cotton pants that worked great with that roll. Heshers invariably tied a bandana around their thigh. It was usually striped or zebra printed.

Step 5: The shirts/sweaters. Guys wore button up shirts with the arms rolled like above, band shirts and striped shirts. They wore loud sweaters with ugly designs on them. Sounds crazy but they were popular.

Step 6: The shoes. Guys wore Nike tennis shoes a lot, as well as high tops and Doc Martin boots. Miami Vice popularized the look of guys wearing slip on shoes without socks. Heshers might wear boots with fringe on them too -the longer the better!

Step 7: The jewelry. Guys wore one earring in the 80's. It was important that it was in the left ear or else it somehow signified the guy as a homosexual - crazy!

Step 8: The suits. Guys wore suits with shoulder pads in them. The suits were likely to be a big jacket and pants with a dress shirt underneath. They were likely striped. Ties were skinny and usually black. There were also those guys that dressed in suits all the time. That's right, high school students who wore pressed black suits, which shirt, black tie and black shades were popular. When not in the suit, these guys usually wore mock turtlenecks and pressed slacks. These were not geeks, by the way but popular kids who made the girls' hearts beat just a little bit harder when they'd walk by.

Tips: To get that 80's spikey look, take some DEP gel and spike the hair straight up. Guys didn't have a messy spike. It was straight up.

Warnings: Dressing like the 80's can be hazardous to your health.

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