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How to Become Friends With a Feral Cat

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Written by Thomas Conroy   

Introduction: Feral cats are tough to form a relationship with because their sense of survival is heightened, but a human that has a great deal of patience can eventaully gain a feral cat's trust. The key to become friends with a feral cat is to respect it's right to make it's own decisions and go it's own way, and in time the feral cat will consider you to be an ally.

Step 1: Whenever the circumstance presents itself, talk to a feral cat that comes close in a reassuring and gentle manner. Feral cats are often mistreated by humans and you need to show the cat that you are gentle in nature and mean it no harm.

Step 2: Leave fresh food and water out for a feral cat on a daily basis, but don't get pushy. You can leave the food and water anywhere where the feral cat will find it easily. In time the feral cat will look at your property as a safe haven with good chow.

Step 3: When outside, be careful not to create any loud disturbances when you know the feral cat is near. Loud noises scare cats and will diminish their view of your home as a peaceful habitat.

Step 4: Let the cat make advances toward you in it''s own time. As the feral cat grows to trust you it will begin to come closer a small bit at a time (this can take several years) but it will eventually make physical contact.

Tips: Resist the urge to become aggressive in making physical contact with a feral cat or approaching it at all - let it come to you of it's own accord.

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