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How to Be a Good Interviewer

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There are certainly many types of interviews. It can be a job interview or you just have to interview someone for school requirement or whatever project you are into. But most of the time, an interview occurs between a news reporter and a source of news. It can be done through phone, email, or the most frequently used one-on-one interview. However you want to do it, you must do it right and you must be good. Here’s how.

Step one.

Be prepared. If you are a press people, you know very well that an ambush interview with your source can happen anytime. If you spot your source, you immediately grab the chance to have a few words from him. In this case, you have to be ready with your questions because your source does not have the luxury of time to give you. If he is a busy person, you must shoot your questions at once. You have to be sure what to ask so that your source won’t be bored waiting for you to formulate questions.

Step two.

Your questions must be clear. Do not confuse your interviewee with your senseless or unsure questions. If I am the interviewee, I won’t spare a minute for you. Throw your questions direct to the point; you don’t have to embellish it with unnecessary introductions.

Step three.

If it is an arranged interview, then come on time. Don’t let your interviewee wait for you. If you are new to your source, introduce yourself and the company you are representing before asking anything. Of course you have to be confident and do not forget to thank your source at the end of your interview.

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