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How to Make Decorative Yard Stepping Stones
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Written by Bill Hanks   

Adding stepping stones, to your yard or walkway, is a great way to add to your landscape.  Adding special stepping stones, that you make yourself,is even better.  This article will explain how you can do this.  This is a great craft, that even children can do.  These stepping stones also make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

Supplies;  You will need a stepping stone mold, ready mix concrete, broken glass or toy marbles, cookie cutters, water, sponge and bucket, paint, brushes and concrete trowel.

Step 1;  Decide how big your stepping stones will be.  Your mold will determine this.  You can purchase your molds. These may or may not have designs on them.  You might be able to find regular square or circle molds at an outdoor garden store.

Step 2;  Mix your ready mix concrete.  Follow the directions on the bag.  Pour it evenly into the molds.  Level it off at the top.  Save the excess by placing it back in your mixer.

Step 3;  After just a few moments, use your water bucket and sponge and start putting on a smooth top surface to your stepping stones.  If you have never used a sponge for texture, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Step 4;  Place your cookie cutter into the top of the stones.  Start placing your designs, as you want them.

Step 5;  You can now start placing your broken glass and marbles into your design.  Any displaced concrete can again be smoothed over with your sponge and water.

Step 6;  Once the stones have cured (This will be several days),  they will be ready to paint, if you desire to.

Step 7;  Place your stones where they will be put to good use.  Many individuals like to use them in their flower gardens. I placed mine going into my garage door.

Note;  Concrete texture is very important in making your designs.  The smoother the better.  However, you don't want it too wet.  Cookie cutters clan be cleaned with tap water in bucker.

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DeborahSexton said:

This is great. Looks like fun and can save you money in the long-run. 5*
September 14, 2010
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carmen357 said:

10 years ago we made stepping stones and we still have them. Thanks for sharing!
September 15, 2010
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jswana said:

Sounds enchanting. Thanks for sharing.
September 16, 2010
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