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How To Get a Butt Like Kim Kardashian

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As many people know, Kim Kardashian has a perfect butt. Its round and lifted. Kim Kardashian's butt is also not too big or overwhelming. Kim Kardashian does daily exercise everyday to keep her whole body and butt in shape. If you want to get Kim Kardashian's butt, you can follow her workout plan free on fios, or follow these instructions.

1. You can't workout and not have a proper eating habbits. Make sure you have a well balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily to maintain a good shape. Also, make sure to drink the recommended amount of water. Don't forge about the junk food. Kim Kardashian loves her junk food. However, if you find that it is making you gain weight, then you may want to hold off.

2. Start exercising. Do some stair climbing cardio workouts. For starters, your can alternate your feet taking steps on the Stair Master. After you get used to it, you can move on to the more complex moves that can be done with it. Do this for about 15 minutes.

3. Do some squats. Fit squating into your daily routine.

4. Lunges are also a great way to get Kim Kardashians booty. They help to shape and round your butt.

5. Use support underwear for about two weeks. This will help lift your butt if you have any sagging. It will also help with your posture.

6. If you still are not satisfied with your Kim Kardashian butt workout to shape your butt, you can try underwear with butt pads or jeans with butt pads. This will make your butt look bigger temporarily.

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carmen357 said:

Great article for those that need a little lift on their butt!
October 19, 2010
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