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How to Have Young Looking Hands

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Our hands are exposed to constant exposure from the sun, harsh detergents, hot and cold water, and they are constantly in use.  It isn’t surprising that the hands of many people look older than their face. 

Here are some simple tips to keep your hands looking young and slow down the aging process.

 Step 1:  Wear gloves to protect your hands from harsh soap, detergents, and chemicals.  Even water cn rob the skin of its natural oils.  Wear gloves outside in cold and windy weather conditions.

 Step 2: Use sunscreen.  Many people will put sunscreen on their face, but don’t think to put it on their hands.  Skin on your hands is even more delicate than the skin on your face. Protect it with sunscreen that has a minimum of SPF 15 and reapply it after every time you wash your hands.

 Step 3: Use a hand moisturizer.  Keep lotion in your handbag or drawer and use it often.  Keep some lotion in the bathroom, next to the sink as a reminder to apply after each time you wash your hands. 

 Step 4: Have a hand massage when you have a manicure.  It will help with circulation and keep your hands looking young. 

Step 5:  Use an emollient rich lotion or oil on your palms, fingers and the back of your hands before bedtime.  Wear soft gloves to protect your sheets from the excess lotion or oil. This nighttime treatment can reduce rough patches and cracked skin will start to heal, if this is done once a week for several weeks.

Step 6: Remove dead skin using a facial exfoliant on your hands.

 Step 7: Push back your cuticles rather than cut them to prevent bacterial, viral or fungal infections.


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Thanks for the great tips!
January 03, 2011
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